“Domestic violence against women, including marital rape, a criminal offence”, PACE says



Autumn session: 1-5 October 2007

At the end of a debate on the mid-term assessments of the Council of Europe campaign “Stop domestic violence against women”, PACE called on national parliaments to reinforce their actions, adopt laws against violence against women or control their application, disseminate the information material of the campaign and set up a group of male parliamentarians committed to combating violence against women.

National parliaments have also been invited to prepare, by April 2008, the assessment of the parliamentary dimension of the campaign, based on the key measures identified by the Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, which include making domestic violence against women, including marital rape, a criminal offence, making provisions for the removal of violent spouses or partners, guaranteeing effective access to the courts or allocating sufficient budgetary resources for the implementation of the law.

Recommendation 1817

Resolution 1582