Hate Crimes in Turkey

As the Human Rights Agenda Association (HRAA) we have prepared this book in order to show a reaction to the increasing number of hate crimes based on racism, nationalism and intolerance, and to raise public awareness and draw attention to the necessary legal steps. The book on Prevention of hate crimes based on racism, nationalism and intolerance in Turkey consists of interviews with academics, human rights defenders, researchers and authors with an expertise on the subject.

First of all we want to thank the Sigrid Rausing Trust/ Global Dialogue Programme based in London (UK) for enabling the publication of this book with their financial support.

In preparing the book the Human Rights Agenda Association talked to Gün Kut (Bosporus University – Member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance); Ali Bayramoğlu (Journalist/Writer); Etyen Mahçupyan (Journalist/Writer); Cengiz Algan and Ayşe Akdeniz (Activists of the Initiative Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism); Erdal Doğan (Jurist); Tolga Korkut (Journalist); Ömer Laçiner (Researcher/Writer); Ali Koç (Jurist); Ayşe Gül Altınay (Sabancı University); Tanıl Bora (Researcher/Writer); Ayhan Kaya (İstanbul Bilgi University); Baskın Oran (Ankara University); Ahmet İnsel (Galatasaray University) and Fatmagül Berktay (İstanbul University). We would like to express our gratitude for their contributions.

Ayça Uluseller corrected the text in Turkish. During the preparation Utku Ejder found important sources by searching in the Internet; Dicle Çakmak, Zeynep Erel and Zerin Türk made the transcription. We owe our thanks to all of them. We also would like to express our thanks to Helmut Oberdiek, Soner Tufan, Gülden Gürsoy for preparing the English version of the book. We would also like to thanks to Hera Hashmi for the proof f the English version of the book.

We would also like to give a special thanks to International Hrant Dink Foundation and Ahmet Şık, Kaos GL and Semih Varol and Radyo Shema for photos on the cover.

We hope that the book may lead to new horizons for all people concerned. In particular the organization of civil society, active in Turkey on basic rights.

Hakan ATAMAN – Orhan Kemal CENGİZ 


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