Mor Gabriel Manastırı under siege

The thesis is focused on the struggle between the Monastery of Mor Gabriel, the Holy place of the Assyrian minority living in Turkey, located in the South-East of Anatolia, and the Turkish Government. Starting from the study of the lawsuit concerning the real estate of the Monastery’s foundation, this analysis will show the several human rights violations handled every day by the Süryaniler in

The aim of the research is to explain how the battle over the lands of Mor Gabriel must be seen not only as a strive to preserve one of the most ancient place of Christianity all over the world, but it is mainly the latest representation of the never-ending conflict which the Assyrians in Turkey are dealing with.

 The last verdict of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Ankara (Yargıtay), could represent the final blow inflicted to the Assyrian minority to completely erase its roots in the Turkish Republic, a process whose origins date back directly to the mass-slaughter perpetrated by the Young Turks Regime at the beginning of the 20th century. Since the Seyfo (1915-1918) in fact, the Community must daily fight against the injustices which is subject in order to preserve its identity and pass on its culture. Almost a century later, we are witnessing a change in the practice and the concept of genocide: the use of State’s laws to withdraw the historical memory of a region and to include definitely a minority in the State, denying its identity and its rights.

            But now, with the candidacy of Turkey to become an EU member, the Assyrians’ battle for survival could give to them, and to all the not-recognized minorities living in the Country, the opportunity to claim about the acknowledgement of their basic individual and community human rights under the surveillance of the European Union. The Assyrians have promptly the chance to fight against the discriminatory policy of Turkey towards its less protected citizens, with the fundamental contribution of the Turkish Civil Society.

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