We Want Justice not Revenge!

HRRA: Press Statement

TR 002/ 2008- We Want Justice not Revenge!

25 March 2008

Turkey has been passing a tough test in terms of democracy and human rights’ applications for long years. Although there are some positive progressions in the scope of EU’s adjustment law, there is still an ongoing breach circle that cannot be accepted in terms of democracy and human rights. Reforms accepted in the face of legal could not be carried out in the progression. The government’s bureaucracy has a great resistance against carrying out all those accepted reforms. This resistance is strengthened by law, legislation and circular letter that make all those reforms almost inefficient. It is leaded to many human rights breaches by stopping all those reforms completely,

Government’s passive attitude towards nationalist and racialist violence that is gradually ascending is pointing out another problem. Our recent history’s dark events such as Susurluk and Şemdinli could not be displayed in a way that satisfies public opinion and their reps are unpunished. In addition to all, we are coming across knowledge pollution in terms of Santorini and Hrant Dink murders and Malatya slaughter’s real reps and its extensions in the government. It is not gotten ahead even a bit in prosecuted cases. Human Rights Agenda Association worries about the investigations in the scope “Ergenekon Case” that will lead to a similar situation’s repetition again. Therefore,

  1. It should be given an end to information pollution in the scope of Ergenekon Case and its reflections on public opinion through the news. Public opinion should be informed about the case satisfactorily and clearly by the most authorized person.

  2. Lawlessness should not bear other lawlessness. Every kind of juridical indemnity should be provided for the people being taken into custody in the scope of investigations and investigations should be implemented properly according to the standards of human rights.

  3. The judgments which are likely to be done should be implemented according to the standards of fair assize.

  4. This investigation should be conducted in order to accomplish justice and not to take revenge.

Yours sincerely,

Human Rights Agenda Association