A Congress fact finding mission on local democracy in Turkey


Press Release – 543(2007)

Strasbourg, 06.08.2007- A Congress delegation will visit Turkey from 6 to 10 August on a fact-finding mission.

The Congress Bureau has been following local democracy developments in Turkey closely for several months, concerned at the surge in court cases against mayors of the DTP party and in particular, the recent decision to remove the Mayor and members of the Sur municipal Council from their functions.

The delegation, headed by Congress Vice-President Anders Knape, includes Congress Vice-President Hans Ulrich Stockling, Irina Pereverzeva, Chair of the Institutional Committee of the Chamber of Local authorities of the Congress, Professor Chris Himsworth, consultant, and two members of the secretariat. Mr Knape and Mr Stockling are the Congress Rapporteurs on Turkey.

The delegation will meet with government officials, local elected representatives and NGOs in Ankara and Diyarbakir. It will then report to the Congress Bureau meeting in Paris on 17 September.

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