Barbaric acts of Israeli soldiers, Holocaust victims, anti-Semitism!

When Kurds were butchered in the Southeast, I was fighting for justice for the Kurds. I am not a Kurd by ethnicity. During my whole career as a human rights defender, I have always been inspired by a number of Jewish human rights defenders and peace activists. I am deeply impressed with their heroic struggle with their own government. Putting aside all these people and their efforts and stigmatizing a whole nation because of some barbaric acts by some governments and security forces is not only racism but also a great injustice to all these people who fight for justice. You cannot create justice out of this injustice you committed.

When it comes to what happened on Monday on the Turkish ships and others carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, I would like say a few words to the Israeli government. You denied Noam Chomsky entry to your territory yesterday; today you attacked unarmed civilians and killed them in international waters. Did you really think that you would manage to make the whole world believe your lies, to turn a blind eye to your barbaric acts? Do you really believe you can cover up all the injustice you have committed against Palestinians with other unjust acts? Do you really believe you will silence the whole world with these kinds of ugly shows? Do not forget, you are the government of a nation who suffered from horrendous crimes against humanity. When you are doing injustice to the Palestinians or to the people who try to defend their rights, you do the greatest injustice to the memory of all the victims of the Holocaust. You make them invisible, you make them silent; in all this mess you create, humanity can no longer hear their whispers for justice. You just help Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitics all over the world.

I condemn this barbaric act of the government of Israel; I condemn all the racists and anti-Semites in Turkey and all around the world. I believe these fascists in Israel, in Turkey and elsewhere in the world are brothers. And we are all brothers too: Holocaust and genocide victims, Palestinians, Jews and Turks who do believe in justice and human rights.

For those of you who would like a taste of being an advocate of human rights in the face of adversaries, please see Professor Norman Finkelstein’s video (, in which he gave a lesson to a “passive aggressive” lady who tried to use her “tears” and the “Holocaust card” against him. All anti-Semites should see this video and ask themselves if they have ever fought for “other’s rights” like this Jewish professor did for Palestinians.