Military Intervention


Press Release by Human Rights Agenda Association

HRAA: Press Release


April 28th, 2007

The declaration dated April 27, 2007 by the Chiefs of Staff of Turkey points out an unacceptable intervention in terms of human rights, democracy, rule of law and civilization process in Turkey.

This military memorandum (which was based on the judgments that secularism is being subjected to questioning during the process of the Presidential election and which was excused on some ceremonies with religious connotation) is an intervention which stands not only against universal laws but also against the present Turkish Constitution and a one which would interrupt the process of democratization in Turkey once again.

In this framework, the issue is much further than the context of the Chief of Staff’s declaration; rather, the fact that such a declaration could actually be made stands as the real problem before us. The declaration made by the Chiefs of Staff is one which represents a violation of the borders drawn by the Constitution by an institution outside the political and therefore by one which should not be a party in political struggle.

Within the circumstances we live in today, the main problem in Turkey is that the usage of civil and political rights by citizens presented as a “threat,” and thus theprocess of democratization is being qualified and perhaps even undermined through accusations of “religious radicalism”, “separatist” or “missionary activity”. Today, the real danger is the fact the country is being pushed towards yet another transitional regime by certain mentalities and circles which consider Turkey’sdemocratic life, despite all its defects, as an undesirable threat.

We at HRAA declare our commitment to the ideal of a democratic regime based on Human Rights. We call upon all who stand for democracy and civil administration to raise their voices in determination against this intervention.

Board ofDirectors, HRAA