Rights Activists: “Take Back Police Powers”


The Human Rights Agenda Association has called for a control of excessive police violence and compensation for victims.

Bıa news centre

The Human Rights Agenda Association (IHGD) has drawn attention to the fact that human rights violations by police officers have increased since the Law on Police Duties and Authorities was changed. The association has called for compensation for victims and relatives, as well as a withdrawal of certain police powers.

The association also called for the punishment of the responsible officers. This, however, would not be enough:

  • A comprehensive investigation into the use of excessive force by security forces and the reasons for it needs to be carried out by independent experts. The results of the investigation must be made public.
  • Security forces must be educated on the use of force and be informed of international legislation on human rights.
  • Turkey must give up its reluctance to apply the internationally accepted and respected human rights conventions which it has ratified itself; Turkey must give up negative politics and put the obligations of these conventions into practice.
  • The Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture, which foresees the monitoring of all detention centres with the participation of NGOs, must be ratified by Turkey.

When changes in the police law were made in June this year, the IHGD had warned the government and parliament that the changes could result in violations of the right to freedom and security, the right to respect of private and family life, the right to physical and mental integrity and the right to life. (TK/AG)