Rule of Law Perceptions in Turkey

” The rule of law is a pillar in the constitution of Turkey. Altough it is prescribed in the constitution, the relation of Turkish politics with the concept of rule of law was always problematic. During the recent years in turkey, it is observed that Turkey has dropped down in the rule of law index. There has been published extra-judicial and non-constitutional texts like “the Red Book”, foreseeing the threats to the republic with binding affects towards the administration. In collaboration with these texts, the judiciary can lose its impartiality and independence as some groups that declared as threats in Red Book may receive enormous pressure. The judges who have decided against this current have been detained and prosecuted, as well as citizens who have criticized the president. On the other hand, the ministry of justice is trying to take control by not letting its members to receive education fulfilling international standards. These developments force Turkey drift apart of rule of law and losen its momentum on democratization process. It is discussed in the article by giving concrete examples that clinging on democracy, rule of law and human rights will change to promote and raise the humanitarian level of development of Turkey.”*
*Abstract of Dr. Günal Kurşun’s article, President of the Human Rights Agenda Association, published on E-Journal of Law.